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Posted By on March 11, 2013 in News & Events |

The birthday party duo known as “Q&A” has been celebrating their birthdays’ collectively for eight years running. Ifill Events is proud to have been a part of that tradition for six of those years, celebrating from the Chelsea Hotel to the Trump Tower. Guests have even traveled to New York City to take part in the celebratory shenanigans that have now taken on a life of its own!

The “Q&A” party was born when two friends from college decided to celebrate their birthdays collectively at a local bar near their college campus with a group of friends. The “Q&A” party has now grown into a large scale event with over 150 people attending each year! Part of the “Q&A” charm is the surprise of a new venue each year with the help of Ifill Events to ensure their guests never know what to expect! Sparkler-topped bottles glide through the rooms of this birthday tradition proving that old habits (with new money) inevitably come back with a bang…