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Christodora Campfire

Posted By on November 14, 2013 in News & Events |

Making a positive impact on the world means a great deal to us here at Ifill Events, specifically when it involves children and education. We often jump at the chance to work with organizations that have these interests in common and were thrilled to be given the opportunity these past few months to work with the nonprofit organization, Christodora. Last night’s “Christodora Campfire” Gala Dinner and Auction at the JW Marriott Essex House was a tremendous successes and proof that the motivation to help others inevitably inspires another for generation after generation.

Christodora’s legacy of community service reaches as far back 1897 and continues to this day to provide environmental, educational and developmental growth to New York City’s urban youth. Through stimulating educational and challenging outdoor programs, the children are inspired to reach their highest potential. Christodora’s mission to assist others in reaching their goals often galvanizes the return of students after the program has ended, even with their own children.

This was evident last night, in all of the wonderful honorees and the volunteers that worked with us last night to ensure that the success of the event was far more than monetary.  We look forward to possibility of working with them next year as well as other organizations doing great work with children.