Social Gatherings have become far more than simple birthday parties. Especially events here in New York City! Distinguish yourself from the crowd with exclusive events designed specifically for you by Ifill Events! Showcases and themed events leave endless possibilities using our vast knowledge of New York City restaurants and New York City event spaces.

Tastings are an ideal and fun way to combine an elegant event with cultural and culinary education. They are also great for meeting potential new clients, fundraising, and networking across many industries. Tastings allow people to learn about specific genres and experiment with new or unusual varieties and trends in the food and wine industries. Alumni Events including Fraternity and Sorority formals are fun events that elegantly celebrate the bonds of sister/brotherhood. We offer many options that best fit the unique personality your organization and letters represent. If you have a creative spin on a traditional event, we will work with you to make sure it is executed flawlessly.

Dinner parties can provide a private way to celebrate many different occasions while enjoying food, beverages and conversation. Whether they are small or large parties, we will ensure that you feel like royalty on the day of your event. We will help you build a delectable menu with incredible catering options from Asian fusion to pan-Latino cuisine. We also offer gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and other alternatives.