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Halloween in NYC

Some individuals would say that Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest night in NYC in terms of events…

I must say that I disagree and although New Years Eve is a close second, Halloween is the biggest party night in NYC. Everyone celebrates in his or her own way whether it is a house party, pub-crawls, lounge, or club. Gay or straight, people flock to the parade in downtown NYC wearing outfits that they would normally be arrested for on a normal day. New Orleans may have Fat Tuesday but NYC has Halloween. Let’s face it, almost anything goes. Halloween fell on a Saturday night, which meant it was going to be an even wilder night that it normally would be seeing as not too many people had to work the next day.

October 30, 2009
Bar XII (34th Street)
Birthday Party / Halloween Party
Tonight’s client wanted to go to a bar and have a nice time with his friends and co-workers. Many people do not like the Murray Hill area of New York City because many of the inhabitants are in finance. However, I enjoy the venue because they actually have a mixed crowd and the music is great. The DJ has a great balance of all types of party music. The drinks are less expensive and the kitchen is open until 2am.

The client had an amazing time, partly because I provided him with a wristband that enabled his to drink for free all night, but also because about 60 people attended his birthday party. There was no stress tonight so there was no need for any quick thinking on my part so it was a nice and easy night for Ifill Events.


October 31st, 2009
Under Bar (W Hotel @ Union Square)
Halloween Party

Amid all the parties in NYC, I made my way to Under Bar located within the W Hotel in Union Square (NOT Times Square as some people made this mistake). Under Bar is a nice place with a great lounge setup. I actually met Derek Jeter there one night some time ago. If you get there and the place is packed then I suggest you go elsewhere because the bar is in the back and can be extremely hard to get to especially if you are in a group.

When I arrived at the venue I was made aware that the venue charged some of my guests a cover charge. Of course I had to fix this immediately but once that was cleared up I had many guests in attendance throughout the night for free as I had intended. That seemed to be the only blemish on the night as the guests were happy to be there and to be dressed up in their “colorful” costumes. I even entertained some guests from England who were in NYC for a short time.