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Holiday Parties

Posted By on January 4, 2010 in News & Events, Venues |

Holiday Parties are a fantastic idea for any company because it allows employees to come together in a social setting and possibly let some of that guard down that they hold up all year long. I mean I understand that you may not want to talk to someone you do not like professionally but maybe you can finally understand why a person works the way he or she does. Just a thought….

There are too many events to mention all of them here but one that was very fun for me on a personal level was the Columbia University Alumni Holiday party.

Bowlmor Lanes and Carnival
110 University Place (Union Square)

With over 500 attendees the event was a major success not just for Columbia but also for Toys-for-Tots. We were honored by the presence of two Marines that came to the event to collect the hundreds of toys that were later packed into a large van. We can only hope that we were to add a few more smiles on Christmas morning…

While the venue is rather large, getting into the venue can be tricky only because their elevators are exceptionally small. Because we did not want people to wait we did open up the stairs. When it comes to open bar, people DO NOT want to wait. Many people live in walk-ups, right? The check-in process got to be a bit crazy since everyone had to come to the top floor where the Carnival space is, so many staffers are necessary to create a smooth flow.

If you are picky about drinking or dancing, there was plenty to do at this event with bowling on the fourth floor (20 lanes) and a complete roster of carnival games including a dunk tank, “Man or Mouse,” knocking down milk cans and much more. Most people seemed to prefer bowling as their main activity. It may be just me but I find that alumni at these type of events do not dance.

While many did not have the budget this year for a party, I urge you to reconsider. It is a great to have a collective group bond and there are so many ways to do it without spending too much money. I worked with a not-for-profit group and got them food and a three hour open bar for an extremely low price which I can tell you about if you contact us to discuss your event…