What clients say about working with Justin Ifill and Ifill Events:

“Thank you so much for all your help with our parties this year. You went above and beyond, and continue to exceed our expectations! We look forward to a prosperous partnership in 2015.”

                                                                                                                                                    – Clients from Dating Website



“I have used Justin to help plan many social events over the past 3+ years.  Justin showed he has a deep Rolodex of contacts and is extremely knowledgeable of the New York City nightlife scene, always offering ideas and invitations to join him at some of the most popular spots all around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Justin is a good listener and seems to have an instinctive understanding of exactly what I am looking for when trying to organize and event, or even just have a fun night out with friends.”

– Peter A.

“You were fantastic from the beginning when we first met until it (Vow Renewal Ceremony) was all over. Thank you for your professionalism and your flexibility too. You exceeded our expectations. We will always recommend your services.”

Shawn M.

“You made my 21st birthday the best night of my life.”

– Katie M.

“I have had the pleasure of studying with Justin and being involved in several groups and organizations in addition to seeing him excel in the event planning business. Justin is a hardworking individual who is punctual, creative, energetic, committed, trust worthy, personable, and who delivers.”

Sandra R.

“At Columbia University, SIPA, the student organization I am President of hired Ifill Events to organize our fundraising party. Justin chose the perfect venue and delivered exactly what we asked for. He accommodated us and ensured that everyone was having a good time and things were running smoothly. He is professional and personable, as well as efficient and punctual. It was a pleasure working with him and we hope to use him for other future social functions at SIPA. I would highly recommend Justin with absolutely no reservations!”

– Maryam Z.

“Justin is so much fun to work with, you wonder how he has the time to run his business with such close attention to detail. Personable is an understatement — he knows everybody. When you work with him, though, he’ll give you such attentive service you’ll feel like his only client. I’ve not only worked with Justin, but I’ve attended other events he has been in charge of, and none of them have failed to impress. Highly recommended for any of your event planning needs.”

– Neil S.

“Justin Ifill is naturally affable, charming and social. He has a wide network of friends and colleagues and is that rare person who seems to know everyone. Though I have known him for years, as I started looking for an event planner independent people suggested Justin as the go-to man. His personality and friendliness is matched by his hard work, intelligence and knowledge. He is not your run-of-the-mill event planner, but a truly creative mind who finds customizable solutions to your planning needs. Whether the scope and scale of the event is large or small, silly or important, Justin is able to approach every scenario with a professionalism that makes you feel taken care of. I have worked with him on several events, and I and my company was able to take a step back and relax because Justin shouldered all the responsibility, treated the event as if it were his own wedding. Nobody in New York is as suited for this kind of work as Justin Ifill. To work with him is an incredible luxury, and to be his friend a blessing.”

– Daniel K.

“Justin is an extremely capable planner, but most importantly he has a special talent for managing people and getting everyone to work together at full capacity. He is an expert at producing any event, large or small, elegant or casual, and everything goes off without a hitch. He is extremely trustworthy and will never make a promise he cannot keep.”

– Monica B.

“Justin is extremely loyal to his clients and always manage to get results for anyone he is helping out. After almost nine years of event planning in New York City, there’s nobody I would trust more than Justin Ifill and Ifill Events to find an appropriate venue for any kind of event in the New York area. I give Justin my fullest recommendation for anyone interested in throwing an event in New York City.”

– Calvin S.

“I’ve used Ifill Events for several functions -Wrap Parties, Audience Screenings, and Investor Meetings, and always with great satisfaction. What I appreciate is Justin Ifill’s flexibility and willingness to address our needs even when they are unusual and, more often than not, last minute.”

– Ian A.

“Justin is truly a professional at planning events! He is extremely well-connected with the owners of a variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs throughout the city, and he works hard to secure a venue that will meet the needs of his clients. He is energetic, extremely social, and knows how to make guests and clients feel at ease. At the same time, he takes his business extremely seriously, meets deadlines, and is very responsive.”

– Michael N.

“Justin is passionate, quick, and smart in everything he does. His reliability — whether finishing up on a project or listening to the team — is 100%. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

– Isa L.

“Justin was great for my going away party last year– really professional and helpful, yet laid-back enough to let the party run smoothly. I highly recommend Justin.”

– Shira B.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justin on various Ivy Plus alumni events. He has been professional, organized, detail-oriented, and timely. His affable personality and flexibility is an additional asset to any event planning process. Justin is a valuable resource to have on your roster of contacts”

– Geraldine K.

“Justin is the man to know if you want to throw a party in NYC.”

– Yin L.

“I’ve worked with Justin a number of times at various locations all over NYC. He’s always been a pleasure to work with and I always looked forward to plan future events with him. He’s been flexible and always willing to re-work previous ideas.”

– Amy L.