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Venue Spotlight–48 Lounge

Posted By on July 13, 2011 in Venues |

People often ask me what my favorite venue is and I have a hard time answering that question because there are many factors that come into play. Decor (of course), size, service, staff, sound system, flooring, food (if applicable), alcohol selection, are just some of the things that go into making a good venue GREAT. While I do not have a favorite venue just like I do not have a favorite movie, I would like present some venue spotlights. This entry is dedicated to 48 Lounge.

48 Lounge is a beautiful space in midtown Manhattan. Located on 48th Street between sixth and seventh avenues, the plush space speaks for itself as soon as you walk in the room. From the Swarovski crystal ceiling, to the plush furniture, to the art by famed Peter Lik, 48 Lounge pays attention to detail.

Many corporate patrons enjoy this space during the after-work hours but please make sure to enjoy the growing late nightlife in this space. The food is delectable and I highly recommend the seared skirt steak skewers. The cocktails are of course phenomenal but do not expect to come here and get “cheap” drinks. There is no well liquor here so only the best will be served for its patrons. The selection of single malts are great but I greatly enjoy the port.

The DJ booth is heaven for any DJ as it is its own room complete with a door to shut out possibly drunken requests for songs that are completely esoteric to five people in the room.

Ifill Events enjoys working with 48 Lounge and my clients have always had a fantastic time here with no complaints. With the total package, 48 Lounge is a must!